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Catnip Mint Stick Molar Woo...

Keep Your Cat's Teeth Clean with Our Mint Stick Toy!

The Catnip Mint Stick Molar Wooden Chew Toy helps to clean cat teeth. It is made of 100% natural plants, is nontoxic, and safe for cat bites. This cat chew stick is attractive to cats, cat can play with it and use it to clean teeth. It can also help cats to vomit fur balls. It's a great help to you to cultivate a relationship with your cat.


  • Material: Plant
  • Color: 2 kinds
  • Size: 14.5*6.5*1.5cm(Box)
  • Suitable for Cat: >3 Months, NOT PREGNANT
  • Qty: 6pcs/box

Package Includes: 6pcs/box

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