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Tooth Cleaning Dental Chew ...

Delight Your Cat with Tooth Cleaning Dental Chew Stick!

Our Tooth Cleaning Dental Chew Stick for Cats is great for maintaining cats' dental health. It uses natural sticks to clean teeth, prevent tartar from accumulating, and enhance dental health. Our silver rattan sticks are comprised of 100% natural silver rattan sticks, wine coconut fiber, sisal rope, and Chinese nutgall (the silver rattan fruit). Natural sisal rope and coconut fiber are bite-resistant, allowing cats to brush their teeth, remove plaque and tartar, enhance oral hygiene, and preserve fresh breath.


  • Material: Silvervine
  • Material: Silvervine stick
  • Rattan rope
  • Corn Husk 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Stick
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