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Folded Cat Tunnel With Ball...

Keep Your Cat Engaged with Our Crinkle Toy Tunnel!

Introducing our Folded Cat Tunnel With Balls And Crinkle Toy to promote physical exercise and remove boredom from the cat’s life. Cats naturally love to burrow into a variety of crevices and holes, the tunnel is perfect for cats to free their nature, you can go straight through from head to tail so that your cat does not lose its nature, there can also be a special location in the house for cats to wear freely around. Cats can be free to travel through it, both sides with the cat's favorite mice and feathers, respectively, can make your cat to this toy more love. 


  • Material: steel wire, elastic mesh
  • Color: as shown(Feather Mouse Sisal Ball Color is random)
  • Length: 60cm/25.59inch
  • Diameter: 25cm/9.84inch

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Folded Cat Tunnel
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